Programme ApogeeBio - innovAtive European POstdoctoral fellowship programme of GEnopolE BIOcluster


Genopole and its partners launch an ambitious funding programme that aims to foster the international attractiveness and
visibility of the Genopole biocluster through competitive international calls.

International competitive calls

The ApogeeBio programme, supported by the European Commission, intends to launch 3 international calls from 2021 till 2023 for a total of 24 fellowships for experienced researchers (ER) with hosting possibilities both in the academic and the private sectors of life sciences and environment.
The total amount of the fellowship is 130 000€ for 24 months including all charges, allowances and taxes.
The 1st call and related conditions and documents will be published in October 2021. The next calls will be in 2022 and in 2023.

High standards in the selection and employment process

The selection process will be implemented according to the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. It will follow institutional procedures in line with national and EU requirements and designed to
incorporate equal opportunity measures throughout the whole selection process and during implementation of
the programme.

Excellence in the research offer

The fellows will have access to attractive positions among 14 academic laboratories and a potential of 77 companies , all located at the Genopole biocluster. They will benefit from an excellent research and innovation environment including high level infrastructures, as well as training and networking opportunities that will enhance their career development potential. The research fields proposed are all applied to health/life sciences or to environment and biodiversity; they include:

  • Gene and cell therapies;
  • Human and environmental genomics;
  • Biophysics, structural and molecular biology, chemistry;
  • Computational biology including bioinformatics, biostatistics, machine learning and AI;
  • Systems and synthetic biology, biotechnologies;
  • The management of innovation including intellectual and industrial property and ethics.

Training and career development

Regarding personal and career development, our partner ABG Asso, will propose jobs and career workshops covering the job
market across Europe both in the academic and in the private sectors, and Science-Accueil will propose French courses and
acculturation sessions for foreign researchers. ApogeeBio will also propose training classes including practical sessions as
well as seminars and workshops in research related disciplines and in transferable skills.

More information

Contact person:
Roxane Brachet, project coordinator
+33 1 6087 3506